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Pressing Leaves and Flowers in the Microwave - A. Brown

Genetically Modified Salmon??? - A. Brown
New Labeling for Organic Food - A. Brown


FoodNews Shopping Cart

Check off your favorite foods, and this site -- by the Environmental Working Group -- will tell you how many pesticides you are going to eat. If that's not scary enough, press "reload" when you're done: each list is only a random mixture of the foods you've selected! Check out the rest of the site,, as well: it's a wealth of information!

Shopping List to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Printed by Greenpeace, this list tells you which foods you eat are most likely to contain GMO, which ones don't, and who is in the process of phasing them out. Not many surprises on the list: unless you're buying organic you're probably eating frankenfoods!

Searchable data base of green products. The database is not very full, and not many Texas businesses are included yet, but it's a good start.