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Drago and Dave
Dave (on the right) is treasurer of our club

Shade Gardening - Dave Barnett

Greetings! I am David Barnett, Horticulturist, Treasurer of the Arlington Organic Garden Club and home gardener. The club begged and beseeched and finally I broke down and volunteered to write this page. I believe in Darwin's theory, only the fittest survive in my yard. Monthly I will let you know what some of the best shade plants are for the North Texas area.

The plants I will be listing are grown and tested in my own yard. I live on a spacious corner lot with several mature oak trees and of course all of the other trees I just had to plant. Growing anything in the shade is not a simple task. There can be too much water or NO water at all and the insect infestation is totally different than plants growing in the sun. We all make mistakes and that is what gardening is all about: trial and error. A good gardener will often try new plants in different areas. Gardening includes much experimentation and sharing of knowledge.