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• Note: We now meet on the 4th Thurday of the month •

We meet at the Bob Duncan Center
2800 S Center Street, Arlington, TX - Map

2021Guest Speakers
February 25th
Zoom online
Combining food crops with ornamentals
Lucy Harrell, T.C.N.P. & Garden Consultant

April 22th
Zoom online
Soil Biology:
The Hidden World Beneath
Randy Johnson, organic, native plant enthusiast 

June 24th
In Person
Horned Toad Recovery (Horned Lizard)
Robyn Doege, Supervisor of Aquatic Ectotherms
Fort Worth Zoo

August 26th
Zoom online
Trees and How They Provide Wildlife Habitat
Hester Schwarzer, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist

November December
No Meetings
Happy Holidays