Jane Bartosiewicz is a frequent speaker with the Speaker's Bureau, Dallas County Master Gardeners. She is also a North Texas Master Naturalist and a Master Composter.

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Butterflies - Jane B.Bartosiewicz

While browsing the net in preparation for a butterfly talk, I found some great websites I'd like to share:  Go to "LINKS" and look around!

For those of you who would like "get personal" with these fascinating creatures, take a little trip down Pioneer Parkway, turn south at Sherry St. by the Walgreens Pharmacy, park at the apartment complex on the right, walk across the street to the creek and meet them face-to face! [This is Arlington, TX, by the way]

Stand very quietly and wait. Listen to nature's music of the wild and don't be frightened of the scurrying in the grass. I suspect the noises I heard were lizards and field mice. I did see two bunnies, flushed seven doves, but none the less, I made a mental note to wear high-topped leather shoes/boots next visit, just in case. Suggest you wear long sleeves and long pants and use insect repellent.

The creek area has an abundance of native plants and later, the open field isfull of Texas Bluebells (if TU does not get too enthusiastic with mowing). You will see Texas thistles, frogfruit, horseherb, gallardia, horsemint,bushy blue stem, and many other familiar natives. I counted eight species of grasses--native and invaders.

Among the butterflies I've sighted are many species of Harvesters, Black Swallowtails, Sulphurs, and Queens. Please do not take all of anything--I share this favorite spot so all can enjoy.