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June 24

Our Natural Urban Living Garden Show was held at the Arlington Community Center. Please follow this link for pictures.

May 25

Maggie Ross was kind enough to let us tour her garden. Please see her website for your own virtual tour!

April 27

Jo Ann Karges, lepidopterist (butterfly expert, for those of us who need an explanation), gave an excellent presentation on butterfly gardening. Here are some interesting facts: the way to tell a butterfly from a moth is by the "clubs" at the end of the antennae. Butterflies have 'em, moths don't. Don't just rely on whether you see the creature during the day or night: some moths are quite beautiful and fly during the day!

Thanks to our sponsors, Redenta's Garden,
Rabbit Hill Farm, and Patricia Cowen
for donating raffle prizes!
Crepe myrtle trees have lots of flowers, but they do not attract butterflies!

Flowers from the Lily family, although beautiful, also do not attract butterflies. They're too deep for the butterflies to reach their nectar!

The best plant to attract for butterflies (both for food and to lay eggs) is the butterfly weed you find in nurseries!

Gailon, Dorothy, and Dave are 3/4 of the AOGC board
(and 9/10 of the trouble!!). The other officer (that's me!)
is behind the camera.

March 30

Larry Schaapveld, Forester with the Texas Forest Service and Instructor at TCC, gave a talk on New Tree Technology, how to plant and care for trees.

Larry spoke about proper methods for planting (dig a hole 2-3 times as wide , but the same depth as the root ball and don't amend the soil when you fill it back in), staking (don't, but if you have to then use lag bolts), and watering trees.

Once again, we had a many wonderful prizes -- thanks to Redenta's and Rabbit Hill Farm!

Esther C. donated a dozen mallard eggs for the raffle. They are a gorgeous pastel green color!

February 24
Patricia Cowen, partner in Ladies of the Garden Consulting Firm and owner of Patricia's Homestead Gardening, enlightened us with her talk on Common Sense Approach to Growing Antique Roses. We saw lots of beautiful pictures of roses, and learned some valuable tips for growing roses in North Texas (it's not as hard as you might think!)

Business discussed was our joining of the Texas Council of Garden Clubs, which among other things, can provide us with low-cost event insurance for our up-coming garden show. Progress for the garden show was also discussed, as was an update on the website.

Once again, we thank Redenta's Garden and Rabbit Hill Farms for their generous donations of raffle prizes, pictured at left. The monthly raffle is one of our best fundraisers because we always have many first-class prizes! We had even more than usual this time, because January's meeting was cancelled due to snow.

This may be a first since Dave B. joined the club, but this month he didn't even win one prize! Turns out he traded his lucky tickets to someone else, who in turn won twice! You can see how disappointed he looks as he watches the prizes disappear!

Going . . . Going. . . Gone!

January 27 - Cancelled due to Weather

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